Chuck’s Corner

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Feb 122012

Chuck Mitchell.


As our Lay Pastor, Chuck Mitchell will lend his years of service to St. Andrews and provide spiritual  guidance to the church. His warm smile,  easy going way and talent in the kitchen makes him a cherished asset to the church. We look forward to his insight in upcoming  messages  here in Chuck’s Corner.

Who we are

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Nov 222011

Rev Kay & Pastor Harold Custer


St. Andrews United Methodist Church of Winter Park, Florida, is a close, welcoming congregation dedicated to outreach through faith and worship.

Our Sunday service is an uplifting experience combining music, scripture, hymns and prayer.  We believe this can be the best hour of your week.

To deepen our connection with God we also offer Sunday School classes, ministries, youth instruction and missions. These opportunites  allow us to build our relationship with God and our community.

St. Andrews is looking for others to share in the grace of God and join us on our journey as we enrich our lives and the lives of others. Come visit The Church By The Park and spend the best part of  your week with us.