Feb 182012

This mission provides hot food and fellowship for the Women’s Residential Counseling Center (WRCC). Members from St. Andrews help cook and serve food at the center. This mission occurs every third Friday of the month. See the Events section for directions and time. For further information contact Susan Mitchell.

For more information about the WRCC please visit their web site at    http://www.centralfloridahomeless.org/services_WRCC.html

Feb 182012

If you are looking for  meaningful gifts for family, friends and colleagues you can give the gift that gives.  The Samaritan Gift Market offers selections for donations in various amounts to the following:

  • Samaritan Care Hospice
  • American Cancer Society
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • The Heifer International Foundation
  • Red Bird Mission
  • St. Andrews United Methodist Mission Fund
  • United Methodist Children’s Homes
You will receive a card explaining how your gift was given in the chosen person’s name.
Contact Myra Winkler at 407-671-7282 for a catalog and details or email her @

Myra Winkler and The Samaritan Gift Market catalog

Feb 182012

Our church pantry always accepts your donations to help local residents in need. Non-perishables requested.

Copy paper, cleaning and office supplies can be used by the church. When you purchase some for your use, please remember the church and buy some for the work we do in the name of God. Elbow grease is also needed in regards to keeping the church looking its best. If you can volunteer to help clean please see Susan Mitchell.