Oct 272013



St. Andrews continues to keep children a  priority in it’s mission work and demonstrated that on Sunday  with a generous gift to the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, located in Enterprise, Florida.  Merrilu Bennett, Communications & Media Coordinator from the Children’s Home was at church to receive  the gift on Sunday. Through the efforts of Miss Sonja and the Youth & Sprouts’  noisy offerings every 5th Sunday, they were able to present Ms. Bennett with a check for $1000. Through the generous donations of the congregation, St. Andrews was also able to present Ms. Bennett with a 144 WalMart  $5 gift cards.  The support you give these children enable them to buy new clothes for school, a backpack or even a football uniform.  The needs of the Children’s Home is ongoing, so please continue to give your spare change during our noisy offerings, and keep this  special place in your hearts and prayers as it continues to make a difference in the lives of so many children as it has done since 1908.

For more information on Florida United Methodist Children’s Home: http://www.allchildrenfirst.org/fumch/Home.aspx


Feb 182012

If you are looking for  meaningful gifts for family, friends and colleagues you can give the gift that gives.  The Samaritan Gift Market offers selections for donations in various amounts to the following:

  • Samaritan Care Hospice
  • American Cancer Society
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • The Heifer International Foundation
  • Red Bird Mission
  • St. Andrews United Methodist Mission Fund
  • United Methodist Children’s Homes
You will receive a card explaining how your gift was given in the chosen person’s name.
Contact Myra Winkler at 407-671-7282 for a catalog and details or email her @

Myra Winkler and The Samaritan Gift Market catalog