Jul 032012
Lingelsbach's Vandalized Home

Lingelsbach's Vandalized Home


Long time St. Andrews members Calvin and Tami Lingelbach arrived home last week to discover their home had been targeted by vandals, according to St. Andrews  P.D. (Prayer Department).

The Lingelbach’s Orlando residence had all the classic signs of a “Code #2”, according to sources. The Lingelbach’s trees had been covered in streams of paper, the garage door tagged with graffiti and their lawn covered in blatant signs of optimism. SAPD investigators released survailence photos of the crime as it occurred in hopes of catching the merry miscreants. Investigators say these photos may be the only way to apprehend these  culprits. Apparently no fingerprint evidence was available since the crime scene was wiped clean.

The Lingelbach's Garage Door

Lead investigators revealed that this may be the work of the notorioius VBS. This gang is suspected to be lead by a bold, boistrus, blond known only as Ms. S., a known member of the Mullens Family Organization, which has a long history simillar acts in the area. 


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As for the Lingelbachs, they say that the vandalism has actually renewed and strengthened their spirit and just like life they just plan to roll with it.